EconoStrat E35 Destrat Fan


Powerful axial destratification fan for commercial and industrial uses. Save money and balance temperatures with the EconoStrat E35.

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EconoStrat’s E35 Destrat Fan is designed to provide improved efficiency, cost savings, and comfort for buildings, people, and products in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Improve the efficiency of HVAC systems and provide significant energy savings in commercial and industrial applications. The E35 is designed to eliminate stratified air layers from ceiling to floor and help deliver 30% energy savings for high ceilings in commercial and industrial buildings.

• Reduction in HVAC related energy consumption exceeding 30%
• Extend HVAC equipment life
• Improve Comfort
• Cleaner air
• Dryer floors
• Reduce mold/mildew
• Improve air quality

• Atrium
• Warehouses
• Grocery and retail stores
• Gymnasiums
• Aircraft hangars


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